It takes a village to raise a print shop. We feel very fortunate that over the years we’ve had the support of a diverse, creative community and have had the opportunity to print some truly wonderful projects. We're excited to have a part, however large or small, in the process of developing home-grown projects.

Portland hosts a population that generally values craft work instead of mass production, bicycle and public transit to the individually owned automobile, organic rather than genetically modified foods, an economy that stresses use instead of profit, self-published works to media conglomerate releases, community radio to commercial radio—in short, a sustainable, purposeful way of living.

We've had the honor to develop relationships with other small businesses that now comprise the extended family of Stumptown Printers. We have made an effort to source papers, inks, press parts and general shop supplies as close to home as possible in an effort to support a local economy. In some cases we have chosen to contract the manufacture of our own product regionally rather than import a similar commodity at a lesser price. The relationships we’ve established with local binderies, die cutters, trade shops, and other small businesses are an essential component of our work.

In 2008 we reincorporated, changing from a 3 person worker-owned shop to a registered Worker Cooperative. This means all workers at Stumptown Printers have an opportunity for democratic control in their workplace, and the option to become a part owner of this little shop.

To read more about our Worker Cooperative click here.

To find out more about our commitment to environmental responsibility, click here.


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